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An e-voting platform with cutting-edge software and Amazon web services security certification, combined with the presentation of successful cases in Greece.

With R-U-Vote you can replace traditional election voting systems with an easier, faster and transparent online procedure. It is an e-voting platform which uses a cutting-edge, open source software based on Helios 3.0 platform and offers great flexibility to voters, who are able to vote from anywhere by using a computer and a smartphone, enjoying absolute security (Amazon web services security) and guaranteed transparency. This maximizes voter turnout and minimizes the time required for result publication.


  • Support of up to 50,000 voters
  • An easy procedure that can be followed using a simple web browser, with guaranteed security similar to the one applied to online financial transactions
  • Provides absolute security throughout the procedure by using cryptographic methods, without breaching vote confidentiality
  • Several different ballot types and election systems are supported, such as simple questions with predefined answers, party lists, score voting
  • Rapid publication of results within a few seconds
  • Voting beyond geographical constraints
  • Help desk service