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Greece reports the highest number of Media per capita in the EU. Share outstanding services and products with either a general or a special audience by leveraging Media to gain reputation! Your company is unique!

At R-U, we establish a systematic communication with media representatives (Press Office services) and forge trustful relations with them (Media Relations). We compose and distribute Press Releases, we seize opportunities for interviews or feature articles and we ensure maximum exposure. We monitor both your company’s or the industry’s publicity and we submit specialized Reports. Managing relations with Media Buying/Planning departments completes a holistic approach of a mutually constructive cooperation forged since 2004, as shown below:

Press Office

  • Press Releases >1200
  • Press articles > 110,000
  • General and Special Final Reports >10,000
  • Press Conferences >220

Media Relations

  • Business trips and lunches > 110
  • In-person meetings > 600
  • Feature articles and interviews > 800

Media Buying/Planning

  • TV > 1,000 €
  • Radio >150,000 €
  • Press > 400,000 €
  • Internet > 380,000 €